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medicare and raise taxes and raise insurance premiums. they want us to stop it. all of a sudden they realize there is an election somewhere in the country where you can effect -- where you can have an impact on it. so it's quite a phenomena. >> let's assume that the election is held and brown is the apparent winner, republican brown. when does that mean for the term in office of paul kirk who is the interim senator, the democrat serving out the balance of senator kennedy's, late senator kennedy's term? does his term end on the day of the election so that whether the in senator is seated or not? do you know? >> it's an interesting academic question. what we have to do is wait until the election is held and then focus on that. the first step is see what the people of massachusetts say on tuesday and then everybody will be looking at the proto ses for swearing in the new senator after at. >> is there any doubt in your mind the winner, if it's brown, would be sworn in promptly, in time to vote on the next, in the next round of votes -- >> the winner whoever it is should be sworn in
. they have stopped treated medicare patients because reimbursements doesn't cover costs. the republicans say the president is backing a plan that doesn't address the high cost of care. >> raise taxes on small businesses, raises taxes on middle income americans and raises taxes on medical devices and in creases medicare premiums for seniors by $50 billion. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi promised to address the shortfall in reimbursements. >> we salute their work and their right to point out the disparity in reimbuements would be short sided not to pass the bill because of one piece of the bill which we will correct. >> reporter: california governor arnold schwarzenegger says washington owes the state billions. >> my budget includes billions of dollars for medicare. >> reporter: the president hopes to have the bill signed into law before the state of the union address next month. melanie wilkes, fox news. >> and the bills need to be merged into one before it can move on to the president's desk. >>> a memorial service was held in massachusetts for 37-year- old harold brown, jr. brown a
to reform health care without shifting medicaid cost to the states and cutting medicare and raising taxes. we'll do that by implement common sense reforms. letting bying health care . ending 45 lows lawsuits of hospitals that drive up health cost. our solutions are not thousand page bills that no one read after being crafted behind closed doors with special interests. our proposals are available on . we welcome your ideas on fates book and twitter. all americans agree that this nation must become more energy independent and secure. we are blessed here in america with vast natural resources and we must use them all. advances in technology can unleash more gnarl gas and nuclear wind and coal and alternative energy that lower utility bills. here in virginia we have the opportunity to be the first state on the east coast to explore and oil and natural explore and oil and natural gas off shore. you this administration policies are delaying off shore production and hindering nuclear expansion and seeking to impose job and cap and trade energy taxings. now is the time to adopt
the premiums go up. they didn't want to see taxes go up. they didn't want to see us taking money from medicare to create yet another entitlement program and they were scared about the endless spending and debt they've seen coming out of washington last year. if the white house and the democrats didn't get that message, then i think they really missed the point of what happened in massachusetts. >> chris: on the other hand, you just heard robert gibbs, he cites a poll from the "washington post" that indicates that they want scott brown to come in and work with democrats, that they're not -- they want some healthcare bill, just not the healthcare bill that's being passed. you know, there are some positives there. so what about his argument that in fact there isn't this complete rejection of the obama agenda? >> i think the message that scott brown so effectively gave in massachusetts -- and by the way, he's entitled to the lion's share of the credit. he was a fantastic candidate with exactly the right message at exactly the right time. but the message was not let's tweak this thing around the ed
of the future. one branch has stopped treating medicare patients. it lost $484 million because reimbursements didn't cover costs. >> raise taxes on small businesses, raises taxes on middle-income americans. it raises taxes on medical dices. it increases medicare premiums for our seniors by $50 billion. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi acknowledged mayon's -- mayo as losses -- mayo's losses. >> we salute their work and their right to point out the disparity in reimbursements would be shortsighted not to pass the bill because of one piece of the bill which we will correct. >> reporter: in his annual budget review, california governor arnold schwarzenegger said washington owes the golden state billions. >> my budget includes $1 billion for medicare costs. >> reporter: house and senate democrats are struggling to merge their versions of health care reform into one bill. they and the president hope to have it signed into law before the state of the union address next month. in washington, fox news. >>> the house and senate versions of the bill now need to be merged into one before it can ev
government spending for three years. [applause] spending related to our national security, medicare, medicaid and social secuty will not be affected. but all other discretionary government programs will. like any cash-strapped family we'll work within a budget to invest with what we need and sacrifice what we don't. if i have to enforce this by line veto, i will. [applause] we will continue to go through the budget line by line, page by page to eliminate programs that we can't afford and don't work. we have already identified 25 billion in savings for next year. to help working families, we'll extend our middle class tax cuts but in a time of record deficits, we'll not continue tax cuts for oil companies and investment fund managers and those making over $250,000 a year. we can't afford it. [applause] now, even after paying for what we spend on my watch, we'll still face the massive deficit when i took office. more importantly the cost of medicare and medicaid and social security will continue to sky rocket. that's why i am called for a bipartisan fiscal commission modeled on a proposal by re
that the legislation may cut medicare reimbursement rates to this and other hospitals as well as cut the additional government subsidies howard receives for treating so many uninsured patients. >> we're just going to go over our game plan again. >> reporter: still as more people have health insurance and are able to build a relationship with a primary care physician doctors hope this will mean fewer expensive late stage treatments. >> the idea of having insurance will at least insure that those patients or those people have at least access to more preventive care. >> if they are entering the health care arena earlier, seeing their primary care physician and not utilizing the high resources of an emergency room, then that's also better for hospitals. >> reporter: provided that there are enough primary care physicians to handle the expected increase in patients. currently there is a shortage of these docs. more medical students are going into lurative specialties. med schools such as howard are trying to change that. >> here at howard and other medical schools across the country we've been trying to
they may be railroaded into cutting social security and medicare. the "new york times" reports the president will create i bipartisan task force anyway. a congressionally mandated panel gave the obama administration a failing grade for its efforts to prepare if a terrorist attack. >>> the state of the union address and response is scheduled for tonight at 9:00 here on fox 5. >>> find out how two commuter planes came a little bit too close to each other. >> stop the music as the judge lays out the ruling about a famous dancing scene at a washington monument. we'll explain. shop smarter at kmart with the free... shopour way rewards card. earn and spend unlimited rewards on qualifying... products when you shop at kmart and sears stores. plus, chances to win k'ching surprises at kmart checkout. for the most rewarding rewards card... there's smart, and there's kmart smart. a lecture on physics in california watched in milwaukee. an american soldier overseas ...keeps up with his classes back home. a father helps his daughter find the name of saturn's largest moon. education's
. it will raise taxes. it will hurt medicare. it will destroy jobs and run our nation deeper into debt. >> republicans say scott brown's victory in the democratic stronghold of msachusetts sends a message that the health care overhaul pill should be scrapped. the white house says president obama called brown to congratulate him and called martha coakley to applaud her efforts. we'll have much more on that in the next hour. >>> ere now is the latest out of haiti. as we just mentioned, we learned a 6.1 magnitude aftershock hit shortly after 6:00 this morning centered about 5 miles outside of port- au-prince sending survivors scrambling into the streets. in the meantime, the u.s. military continues to play a major role in security for relief efforts. troops from the 8 #nd airborne are guarding a hospital in port- au-prince right now. they were called in after the crowds became so large doctors were unable to work on patients. the u.n. security council will soon add # thousand troops to the 7,000 already on the ground. one aid group says survivors are dying because supplies have beenstalle
. that anything that spends $2.5 trillion when fully implemented, cuts medicare, raises premium, sends the state a big bill for the medicaid expansion, that deserves to be voted against and characterized as a bad idea, which we did. >> chris: do you think he's an idealogue? >> you know, in many ways no. but i think he doesn't think he's an idealogue but i think he approaches things in a way a professor would in terms of big comprehensive schemes. when, in fact, the way the big complicat country we have works best when we solve problems step-by-step. >> chris: let's turn to -- i mean we've been skirting around it but let's talk about politics with a capital "t" here. congressman van hollen, you're in charge of eleing more democrats to the house this year. in the wake of the november laws in new jersey and virginia and in the wake of scott brown's victory in massachusetts, how much trouble is your party? >> the party is not in trouble, but at the same time we need to recognize what is on the mind of the american people, which is jobs. which is why the president and the congress will be focussed on
is limited and does not include military spending, homeland security or programs like medicare and social security. a it is likely to anger some democrats in congress. the worry about what they'll see as spending cuts during an election year. and republicans aren't happy about new tax credits the president outlined yesterday that target student loans and certainly families with children and aging relatives. >> it's more of the same old nonsense that will do nothing to get our economy moving again and that's what the american people want. they want the economy to begin to improve and they want jobs to come ack. >> reporter: the president says he has created or saved millions of jobs. and while that's difficult to prove he does acknowledge the frustration. >> so i understand why the american people, their attitude is not it could ha been worse, their attitude is how do we make sure it gets better and that's what we're talking about on wednesday. >> reporter: and as for the spending freeze. it should save 10-$15 billion in the first year. the total budget deficit this year is $1.4 trillion.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11